Advisory committee


The CEE Trust staff strongly believes that the expertise, understanding, and motivation to support civil societies in the region lies with people from the region. Therefore, we have invited prominent practitioners, researchers, and journalists to serve on the Advisory Committee for each country. The Advisory Committees discuss  each country's needs and priorities, while reviewing proposals and making recommendations to the staff how to approach indentified challenges in a proactive way. The ACs evaluate all Letters of Intent and Full Proposals and submit their recommendations. The CEE Trust staff and Board however bear the responsibility for the final decision.


The ACs are as follows in the alphabetical order:

Angela Galeta – Romania
Antoniy Galabov – Bulgaria
Darina Malova – Slovakia (until 2009)
Eszter Markus – Hungary
(until 2009)
Ingrid Brocková – Slovakia (until 2009)
Ioana Dercsanu – Romania
Iva Roudnikova - Bulgaria
Krisztina Arató – Hungary
(until 2009)
Marta Pisoft Kozakova - Czech Republic
Mirella Panek-Owsiańska – Poland
Penka Vassileva-Nicheva - Bulgaria
Radim Burkoň – Czech Republic (until 2009)
Renata Uitz - Hungary
Robert Braun – Hungary (until 2009)
Roxana Braga – Romania
Tomas Langasek - Czech Republic
(until 2009)
Veronika Bilski - Hungary
Wawrzyniec Smoczyński – Poland


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