The mission of the CEE Trust is to support the long term sustainable development of civil society and non-governmental organizations in Central and Eastern Europe, including cross-border and regional activities in which they may engage.

The CEE Trust definition of civil society is based on a broader understanding, including registered non-profit non-governmental organizations (NGOs), but also other formally and informally organized citizens, groups, coalitions, movements, representatives of the media and educational institutions, working for the advancement of the public good. The CEE Trust's task is to encourage them to become more efficient and sustainable, to expand their constituencies and consider the future of their work in times when global, European, and local concerns define the environment.

Our objectives

To fulfill our mission we support people and organizations in CEE countries to take strategic steps with long-term benefits, toward three mutually reinforcing  and intersecting objectives:

· to create a supportive environment for civil society, which includes legal, fiscal and political environments favorable to a strong civic life;

· to strengthen the non-profit sector through capacity building, advocacy, intra sector and cross-sectoral cooperation and partnership;

· to enhance the financial sustainability of non-profit organizations by developing public and private sources of support for nonprofit sector and by supporting the operational and strategic development of nonprofit organizations.










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