Important information

·  The CEE Trust provides clear instructions in the Application Guidelines section on its web site. Make sure you read the instructions carefully and comply with the requirements.

·  Double check your contact information and make sure it is up to date and correct. Keep in mind that the CEE Trust communicates mainly via e-mails.

·  Carefully read the CEE Trust objectives and make sure your project idea is relevant.

·  The CEE Trust does not support social service provision, direct income generating activities and endowments.

·  The CEE Trust does not have limitations as to the length of the project - both short term and long term projects are considered as long as the timing is well justified.

·  The CEE Trust is flexible as to the size of grants requested as long as it is reasonably justified by the applicant.

·  We encourage (but do not require!) partnership with other organizations from your country or from one of the seven  CEE Trust countries. Partners from other regions could be considered only as an exception and for small secondary tasks as the mission of the CEE Trust is to support civil society in Central & Eastern Europe.

·  As the official language of The CEE Trust is English all application and reporting documents should be submitted in English. Documents in other languages will not be considered. Exception is made for the additional documents submitted at the time of contracting (statutes, annual reports, financial reports etc).

·  Please note that the application process is highly competitive. Therefore the CEE Trust does not provide specific evaluations to the applicants whose Letters of Intent or Full Proposals are rejected.



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