Reporting procedures

a) Interim reports

In many cases (specified in the Grant Agreement) the grantees are requested  to send to the CEE Trust one narrative and one financial interim report (the electronic version sent by e-mail to the respective Program Director and the signed original sent by post to the CEE Trust Warsaw Representative Office at the address: ul. Szpitalna 1 lok. 54/55, 00-020 Warsaw, Poland). The payment of the next installment will be done only after the approval of the respective interim report.

b) Final reports

For all projects, the grantees are requested to send to the CEE Trust one narrative and one financial final report (the electronic version sent by e-mail to the respective Program Director and the signed original sent by post to the CEE Trust Warsaw Representative Office at the address: ul. Szpitalna 1 lok. 54/55, 00-020 Warsaw, Poland.


  • Please note that in the case of the financial reports there is a single template that needs to be used both for interim and final reports. You should fill in different columns after every reporting period, thus the final report will include all the financial data in the same table (interim(s) and final).
  • We recommend you to keep detailed records of your expenditures for this project on the budget headings and lines according to the approved budget of your project. These records will help you to answer to potential additional questions that we might have regarding the detailed expenditures made for certain budget lines or headings


Communication with CEE Trust

The written communication language that needs to be used in all correspondence with CEE Trust is English. The contact person of the CEE Trust who should receive all information, reports, invitations, etc related to your project is the Program Director responsible for your country. Please also consult the Program Director responsible for any problem that you might encounter during the project implementation. The list of the Program Directors, the distribution of their responsibilities per countries and their contact details are available on CEE Trust site at the following address:


  • Events
    Please send an invitation to the CEE Trust well in advance before any important event that you will organize during the project.
  • Publications
    The materials that will be produced within the project do not need to be approved by the CEE Trust. However, you are requested to send electronically to the CEE Trust for information all the important materials before publication (e.g. concept of a campaign, TV spots, video clips, studies, etc).
  • Potential changes
    Please inform the CEE Trust in due time about any major financial or other type of change that might be necessary to be applied to your project (before applying any change to the initial budget or project). The CEE Trust will have to agree on the proposed change and will decide if an addendum to your contract is necessary. 

    As a general rule, modifications between the budget lines up to 10% of the budget line could be applied by the grantee only based on a written request sent by e-mail, in advance, to the CEE Trust, addressed to the executive director, and approved by the CEE Trust by e-mail. If the amendment exceeds this amount, a new letter of agreement will need to be signed.
  • Visibility of the CEE Trust
    The exact name of the CEE Trust and the rule that needs to be strictly followed are only those mentioned in your contract, namely: [to acknowledge CEE Trust's support and place the CEE Trust logo in the beginning of any publication (including film and electronic publications) and during public events referring to or resulting from this grant as follows: "Supported by a grant from the Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe"]. Please find attached to these guidelines the Logo of the CEE Trust that should be used if necessary.


Reporting Procedure Templates: 
[doc]Interim Narrative Report Template (33 kb)
[doc]Final Narrative Report Template (34 kb)
[doc]Interim-Final Financial Report Template (135 kb)
[eps]CEE logo 1 (658 kb)
[eps]CEE logo 2 (411 kb)
    CEE logo 3 (94 kb)
[doc]CEE blanka 1 (48 kb)
[doc]CEE blanka 2 (205 kb)





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