Slovenia, August 15, 2004


On 1 st April 2004, Umanotera - Slovenian Foundation for Sustainable Development ( => ) became Trust Partner Organization in Slovenia. Umanotera was awarded a three-year grant of 244 200 USD for the project monitoring civil society related issues in elections programs and overall implementation of the Trust program. The Trust also confirmed its readiness to allocate a total of up to 1250 000 USD for its program activities in Slovenia, subject to the Trust approval of individual program elements developed by the Umanotera Foundation in cooperation with the Slovenian nonprofit sector.

The Trust engagement in Slovenia started in December 2001, when the Trust awarded four smaller developmental grants totaling 240000 USD. These came to their close during the summer of 2003. Besides their varied direct program impact, the Trust grants had a significant mobilizing impact on involved partners and on the larger NGO community. Active co-operation of all four Trust grantees and other civil society stakeholders resulted in drafting of a strategic document on priority areas for development of civil society organizations in Slovenia. The document was developed in an inclusive and systematic facilitated process that consisted of a series of NGO roundtables around Slovenia.

As part of this strategic planning, the leading NGOs organized a festival in October 2002 that enabled Slovene NGOs to increase their networking alliances, demonstrate their value to the public, and establish new communication channels with others, including the government and the media. Subsequent to this festival and additional 2002-03 planning, a December 2003 Open State conference on relations between the Government and NGOs marked a milestone in building bridges between the nonprofit sector and public administration. =>
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