Romania, August 15, 2005


The Trust for Civil Society in Central & Eastern Europe announces the award of a one-year grant to the Association for Community Relations (ARC) ( ). The grant in the amount of $100,000 will contribute to the implementation of the "All for one, one percent for all" project.

The Project
The project aims to increase the Romanian taxpayers participation in funding of the non-profit sector by making effective use of the 1% tax assignation allowing individual citizens to direct 1% of their individual income tax to NGOs of their choice. This new legislation is important for citizens, government and NGOs: it allows government to redistribute public funds in a way that improves civic responsibility, it gives citizens power over deciding how public funds are spent, and offers NGOs a sustainable income.

ARC is planning to achieve the ambitious goals of the project by leading a national campaign promoting the 1% tax assignation.

The objectives of the campaign are as follows:
1. Increasing awareness of the provision at the level of taxpayers and employers;
2. Improving capacity of NGOs to make use of the 1% tax assignation;
3. Evaluating the impact of the application after the first year of using the 1% tax assignation.

Additionally, the project led by ARC encourages cross-sectoral cooperation and relationships between the business sector, public administration and NGOs. The initiative also aims to increase public credibility in the non-profit sector and intensify cooperation within the non-profit sector. The project is intended to be inclusive and ARC will make efforts to encourage additional partners to join the initiative.

Within the framework of the project, ARC will create tools to provide taxpayers and NGOs with information about 1% tax assignation (the website , hotline - a free access 1-800 type number, NGO database and a national media and poster campaign). Additionally ARC is planning to organize regional workshops and trainings for NGOs to help them to run their own 1% campaigns.

The CEE Trust in Romania
The CEE Trust is currently engaged in a strategic review process that was launched in 2004. This review is mainly prospective and formative. Its purpose is to look at the strategic strength, cohesiveness, and performance of the CEE Trust in order to help the Board and staff make decisions about future strategy. The review covers the broad areas of: the (perceived) purpose and strategy of the CEE Trust; significant contextual changes that impact on the future CEE Trust strategy; the role and focus of the CEE Trust in relation to other funding streams; views on overall CEE Trust performance, approach, and culture; and preliminary readings on the CEE Trust's added value and impact. The CEE Trust anticipates being able to communicate any changes in the strategy and related activities and operations that arise from the review process by late spring or summer 2005.

Once these broader decisions concerning the CEE Trust's strategic framework for future work in the region have been taken, the CEE Trust will consider the scope and content of its future involvement in Romania - including concrete objectives and activities.

In the mean time, the CEE Trust decided to provide exceptional support to the "All for one, one percent for all" project - in view of the urgency of the issue; the opportunity to increase the impact of an ongoing effort; and the inclusiveness of the initiative itself.

Association for Community Relations (ARC)

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