April 27, 2012

Grants awarded for Czech Republic and Slovakia

We are happy to inform that we have finished deliberation over grant proposals received from Czech Republic and Slovakia and are now in the process of finalizing negotiations with selected organizations.

From Czech Republic we received 32 letters of intent. Out of this pool, 5 organizations were asked to develop full proposals. Two projects: of Gay Pride Association and of Forum 50% were selected for final round of negotiations. We awarded Gay Pride Association with a grant of 32 000 USD that will support advocacy efforts towards better inclusion of LGBT community rights into legislation that will take place during the Gay Pride Prague in August. Forum 50% grant amounts to 43 016 USD and supports the discussion about how to get more women into Czech politics.

Two more grants were awarded in Czech Republic due to the strategic character of the problem that the awarded projects address. AVPO received USD 92 630 to set up conditions for development and sustainability of public benefit organizations based on a shared NGO-sector understanding on what a good concept of public benefit should be like. Via Foundation for their attempt to increase the amount of Czech domestic funding that is available to support grass-roots advocacy efforts in the Czech Republic received USD 50 000. It will be matched up by private donors and regranted to local advocacy initiatives.

We received 26 letters of intent from Slovakian organizations, from which 6 were asked to present full proposals. We invited Slovak Governance Institute and Via Iuris to the final round of negotiations. Until the end of April SGI was awarded with a grant of USD 45 480 to enhance local activism through a tool for online submission of citizens’ complaints in two Slovak municipalities. Via Iuris received USD 99 848 to introduce legislative changes that will boost accountability of public officials and support citizen participation in decision-making processes.

To ensure the best quality of proposals, CEE Trust works with grantees to design tailor-made solutions to important societal problems. Grants awarded not only do respond to inequality and lack of local activism but also demonstrate strategic approach to organizational development of grantees and combine innovative methods of engaging broader public.

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