Local NGO Portals


NGO Portals

BlueLink Information Network of Environmental NGOs
Bulgaria Gateway

Other NGOs
Access to Information Programme Foundation
Bulgarian Center for Not-for-Profit Law
Bulgarian Charity Aid Foundation
Bulgarian Environmental Partnership Foundation
Bulgarian Donors Forum
Bulgarian Helsinki Committee
Bulgarian Lawyers for Human Rights
Centre for Liberal Strategies
Center For Economic Development
Center for the Study of Democracy
Center for Social Practices (CSP)
Creating Effective Grassroots Alternatives (C.E.G.A.)
Improving Ethnic Relations in Southeast Europe
Institute for Market Economics
Institute for Regional and International Studies (IRIS)
Open Society Institute
Red House: Center for Culture and Debate
Tulip Foundation
Workshop For Civic Initiatives Foundation (WCIF)



NGO Portal


Other NGOs
Stefan Batory Foundation
Academy for Development of Philanthropy in Poland

Adam Smith Centre
Amnesty International Poland
Anti-Corruption Program
Barka: Foundation for the Promotion of Mutual Help
Borderland Foundation
Carpathian Foundation
Center for International Relations

Center for Social and Economic Research (CASE)
Center for Citizenship Education
Civil Society Development Foundation
Clean Up Poland Foundation
Cooperation Fund
Education for Democracy Foundation
Federation of Polish Food Banks
Foundation for the Development of Polish Agriculture (FDPA)
Foundation for Social and Economic Initiatives (FISE)
Foundation in Support of Local Democracy
Habitat for Humanity Foundation
Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights
Institute of Public Affairs (ISP)
International Visegrad Fund
Karta Foundation
Klon/Jawor Association
Legal Clinic Foundation
Leopold Kronenberg Foundation
Nobody's Children Foundation
One Percent Assignation Campaign
OSKa National Women's Information Center
Polish-American Freedom Foundation
Polish-American Community Assistance Fund
Poland-America-Ukraine Cooperation Initiative (PAUCI)
Polish Association of Legal Education
Polish Donors Forum
Polish Children & Youth Foundation
Polish Environmental Partnership Foundation
Polish Humanitarian Organization
Polish Robert Schuman Foundation
Regional Environmental Center Poland
Rural Development Foundation
SPLOT Network of Information and Support for NGOs
Support Office for the Movement of Social Initiatives (BORIS)
Transparency International Poland
Transparent Poland Initiative
United Way of Poland Foundation
Volunteer Centers



 NGO Portal
Trust Slovakia


Other NGOs
Children of Slovakia Foundation
Jan Hus Educational Foundation
Open Society Foundation
1st Slovak Nonprofit Service Center
Alliance for Fair-Play
Amnesty International Slovakia
Association for Support of Local Democracy
Center for Legal Analysis - Kalligram Foundation
Civic Association Return
Center for Economic Development (CPHR)
Center for Economic and Social Analyses MESA 10
Center for European Policy
Center for Philanthropy
Civil Society Development Foundation
Cross-Sector Partnerships Portal
Decide on 1 Percent of Your Tax
Donors' Forum
eRko - Movement of Christian Youth Societies
F. A. Hayek Foundation
Forum Institute
Freedom House Slovakia
Independent Journalism Foundation
Institute for Economic and Social Reforms (INEKO)
Institute for Public Affairs (IVO)
Integra Foundation
International Visegrad Fund
Media Institute
Memo'98 Media Monitoring NGO
Milan Simecka Foundation
Nota Bene Civic Association - Streetpaper 'Proti prudu'
Other Economy
Partners for Democratic Change Slovakia
Pontis Foundation
Regional Environmental Center Slovakia
Rural Organisation for Community Activities (VOKA)
Rural Parliament
Slovak Academic Information Agency - Service Center for the Third Sector
Slovak-Czech Women's Fund
Slovak Helsinki Committee
Slovak Foreign Policy Association (SFPA)
Slovak Humanitarian Council (SHR)
Slovak Governance Institute (SGI)
Slovak NGDO Platform
Slovak Youth Foundation
Socia Foundation
SPACE Foundation: Social Policy Analysis Centre
Smile as a Gifte
Transparency International Slovakia
VIA IURIS - Center for Public Advocacy

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