Online Civil Society


Council on Foundations (COF) Affinity Groups Network
DEEEP: Development, Education, Exchange in Europe Project
EastWest Institute
EU Center (Information on EU funding)
European Association of Consultants to and about the Not-for-Profit Sector
European Charities' Committee on Value-Added Tax (ECCVAT)
European Citizen Actions Service (ECAS)
European Commission - Grants and Loans for NGOs
 European Foundation Centre (EFC)
European Roma Rights Center (ERRC)
Foundation Centre: Helping grantmakers succeed, helping grantmakers make a difference
Foundation News & Commentary

Freedom of Information Advocates Network
Funders Online
Giving in Europe (European cross-border philanthropy)
Allavida: Alliances for voluntary initiatives and development
Alliance: Magazine on the funding of civil society throughout the world
Alliance for Justice
Alliance for Nonprofit Management
Bertelsmann Transformation Index
Center for Effective Philanthropy
Center for Policy Studies (CPS)
Center for Civil Society at London School of Economics (LSE)
Center for European Not-for-Profit Organisations (CENPO): Brussels EU service centre for NGOs
Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society
Changemakers: Innovative Ways to Generate Money & Resources
Chronicle of Philanthropy
Civil Society Nonprofit Scholars Program at the Woodrow Wilson
Committee to Encourage Corporate Philanthropy (CECP)
Concord (European NGO Confederation for Relief and Development)
Council on Foundations (COF)
GrantCraft: Practical Wisdom for Grantmakers
Grantmakers East Group (GEG)
Grantmakers for Effective Organisations
Grantmakers without borders
Grantmaking Basics Online
ICNL Survey of Tax Laws Affecting NGOs in Central and Eastern Europe
Information Diffusion Europe Associations (Information on EU funding)
International Center for Not-for-profit Law (ICNL)
International Network on Strategic Philanthropy (INSP)
International NGO Training and Research Centre (INTRAC)
International Policy Fellowships (IPF)
International Society for Third Sector Research (ISTR)
Joel L. Fleishman Civil Society Fellows Programme
Johns Hopkins Institute for Policy Studies, Center for Civil Society Studies
Johns Hopkins University Comparative Nonprofit Sector Project
Master in International Studies in Philanthropy
National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP)
Network for Innovative Cooperation in Europe

NGO Manager: Management tools and research for nonprofits worldwide
NonProfit Times: Business Journal for Nonprofit Management
One Percent Tax Assignation to NGOs
Public Interest Law Initiative (PILI)
Resource Alliance
Nonprofit Sector Research Fund
SEAL - Social Economy and Law Journal
SocialEdge: online community for the social sector
Synergos Institute
Trialog: Development NGOs in the enlarged EU
U.S. International Grantmaking (USIG)
Worldwide Initiatives for Grantmaker Support (WINGS)
World Bank and Civil Society
World Bank's Foundation Partnership

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