RO_X 2007_71

Grant NumberRO_X 2007_71
TypeIn-Country Grant
OrganizationCommunity Support Foundation (FSC)
Project NameSenior citizens in action for a better future
Amount AwardedUSD 50,793.00
Grant PeriodApril 01, 2008 - March 01, 2009
Project Description

The project aims to raise awareness at the level of all community stakeholders on the quality of life, the needs and the perspectives of the old population in Bacau County, by:

·         Setting up and training a group of 50 active senior citizens to become a catalyst for change
·         Promoting the image, the needs and the achievements of the older person through a regional seminar and editing, printing and distributing the “Newspaper of the seniors”
·         Initiating communication between the target group and the Ministries in Bucharest
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