RO_X 2007_189

Grant NumberRO_X 2007_189
TypeIn-Country Grant
OrganizationOpportunity Associates Romania (OAR)
Project NamePractice Good Practice
Amount AwardedUSD 125,000.00
Grant PeriodMay 01, 2008 - April 01, 2010
Project Description

The project aims to:

·         Increase the number of NGO members of the existing Coalition for Good Practices from 40 to 200 in 2 years
·         Educate the Romanian NGO sector, business community, authorities, media and donors on the importance and benefits of adopting best practices in the non profit sector
·         Provide technical assistance to current and prospective members of the coalition
·         Transfer “know how” on developing best practices from/to other countries in the region
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