PL_X 2007_58

Grant NumberPL_X 2007_58
TypeIn-Country Grant
OrganizationCollegium Civitas
Project NameEmpowering social/civic skills of elderly women in the multicultural villages of the North-Eastern Poland
Amount AwardedUSD 80,000.00
Grant PeriodApril 01, 2008 - February 01, 2010
Project Description
The goal of the project is to empower its participants by strengthening their social/civic skills, especially among elderly women from multicultural villages. The program will stimulate public expression of local memory, support reconstruction of social bonds among generations and strengthen community cohesion. The project is created in response to the growing need of strengthening the sense of citizenship among the elderly, who face problems resulting from social and economic transformation. Activities within the project include: reconstruction and collection of local cultural memory resources; lessons for youth conducted by elderly village women presenting local crafts and other elements of local culture; story-telling community gatherings; wandering theatre spectacles evoking local artistic activity; promotion of worked-out, pro-civic social activities through organization of a multicultural festival.

The grantee expects to prepare publication of good practices with social policy recommendations, to create innovative education programs, to establish local centers of story-telling, to train local she-leaders, teachers, NGOs’ and local institutions’ representatives, and to foster partnerships between NGOs and communal authorities.

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