BG_III 2006_125

Grant NumberBG_III 2006_125
TypeIn-Country Grant
OrganizationPaideia Foundation
Project NameTransparent school: initiative, participation, responsibility. Civic initiative for involvement of local communities in management and control of school education in the municipality
Amount AwardedUSD 93,430.00
Grant PeriodAugust 01, 2006 - September 01, 2008
Project Description

To enhance the accountability and effectiveness of public school education  system through effective involvement of local  communities in the management and control of school education on the territory of municipalities. Identifying the areas in which local community is prepared to be proactive; setting a public mechanism for interaction between stakeholders in school education; raising the capacity of stakeholders in school education; making proposals for improving the legislative framework; ensuring wide public support for improving the legislative framework.

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