SK_X 2007_01

Grant NumberSK_X 2007_01
TypeIn-Country Grant
OrganizationLeague of Human Rights Advocates
Project NameUsing strategic litigation and human rights advocacy to promote equality and non-discrimination
Amount AwardedUSD 35,000.00
Grant PeriodApril 01, 2008 - March 01, 2009
Project Description

The project addresses the problem of social and economic injustice affecting the Roma and Slovak citizens of color. The grantee aims to raise awareness of racial discrimination and intolerance on the part of the national Police force, administrative and judicial organs through nationwide monitoring, documenting and reporting on human rights situation. The program will employ strategic litigation and human rights advocacy, and will provide free (pro bono) legal representation and counseling to victims of human rights abuse. This project is expected to contribute to confidence-building among target groups and to encourage implementation of anti discrimination legislation by court judges, prosecutors and administrative institutions.

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