Grant NumberBG_2007_02
TypeIn-Country Grant
OrganizationThe Red House - Center for Culture and Debate
Project NameThe Other Public Space
Amount AwardedUSD 99,917.00
Grant PeriodJuly 01, 2007 - July 01, 2010
Project Description

The aim of the project is to promote the next generation of opinion leaders, including those living outside the capital city and to create a 'workshop' for civic arguments, language and debating. Its objective is to reinforce The Red House Center for Culture and Debate as the place where civic voices and socially engaged positions are articulated and debated, as well as a place where marginalized voices in society are given the floor. The goals of the project are planned to be achieved by any form of creative expression (topical debates, public discussions, lectures, issue-centered documentary film screenings) that successfully brings to the spotlight an important condition of the social and human reality of today. The events are going to be structured under four issue-groups and within this framework there will be approximately eighty events in the course of twelve months.

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