Grant NumberSLO-2008-02
TypeCommunity Foundation Development Fund
OrganizationCommunity Foundation Vincenc Draksler
Project NameDevelopment of CF Vincenc Draksler’s Local Grantmaking
Amount AwardedUSD 30,000.00
Grant PeriodMarch 01, 2008 - December 01, 2008
Project Description

CF Vincenc Draksler will make from 10 to 15 local grants to grassroots organizations in different areas, which were identified as important for the civil society of Gorenjska region. The funded projects will contribute to the solution of problems in the field of social care and health and prevention of different kinds of addiction. They will also upgrade the knowledge of local NGOs in the field of project management, and contribute to the start up of networking among NGOs. Last, but not least, the grants will help to upgrade the donors network of the CF, and increase the awareness of the general public about its work.

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