Grant NumberBG_2008_07
TypeIn-Country Grant
OrganizationReason Institute
Project NameThe Communist and Nazi Crimes against Humanity and Bulgarian History Textbooks for Primary and Secondary Schools
Amount AwardedUSD 49,800.00
Grant PeriodOctober 06, 2008 - October 06, 2009
Project Description

The goal of the present project is to initiate the updating of history education in Bulgarian primary and secondary schools, to commence the review of the Bulgarian history textbooks for primary and secondary education, to develop new alternative texts presenting the period of the communist regime in an objective and accurate way, to publish an anthology of authentic historical documents, to establish a network of teachers, university lecturers, NGO representatives and other interested parties thus addressing the problems identified under the preceding section. The established network shall initiate a broader public debate on these issues and serve as pressure group on the relevant authorities in order to institutionalize the developed and proposed texts as part of the school history textbooks.
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