Grant NumberPL_2008_03
TypeIn-Country Grant
OrganizationAssociation 61
Project NameParticipation of the CEE Trust’s beneficiaries in the “Res Publica Civilis” Conference
Amount AwardedUSD 35,800.00
Grant PeriodSeptember 15, 2008 - October 30, 2008
Project Description

The grant enabled participation of the CEE Trust’s beneficiaries in the “Res Publica Civilis” Conference, which was a part of The Polish Forum for Non-Governmental Initiatives – one of the most important events in the Polish third sector. The project aimed to create an opportunity for NGOs from Central and Eastern Europe to get acquainted with Polish non-governmental sector and the problems and challenges associated with building of civil society in Poland. The grantee also hoped to enable the exchange of experiences, inspirations and contacts between organizations focused on similar thematic fields.

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