RO_X 2008_152

Grant NumberRO_X 2008_152
TypeIn-Country Grant
OrganizationThe Assistance Centre for NGOs - CENTRAS
Project NameA test-drive on designing and implementing local youth policies in Romania
Amount AwardedUSD 23,000.00
Grant PeriodApril 01, 2009 - March 31, 2010
Project Description

The goal of the project is to validate a model on elaboration and implementation of local youth policies in Romania, according to European standards, by involving The Local-Youth-Councils in Bucharest’s 1st district. Specific objectives: • Creation of a structure for representation and promotion of youth interests in Bucharest’s 1st district. • Development and implementation of a model on creating local youth policies, according to European standards. • Promotion of this model among youth associations and local authorities • Local authorities will formally adopt these policies and good practices.
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