Grant NumberCBI/2008/02
TypeCross Border Initiative
OrganizationAssociation of Leaders of Local Civic Groups
Project NameTravel grant – “Watchdog Activity – Favorable Enviroment and Occurance”, March 13th – 14th, 2008
Amount AwardedUSD 7,570.00
Grant PeriodJanuary 15, 2008 - March 31, 2008
Project Description

Public scrutiny of authorities by independent institutions is an indispensable element of efficient democracy. In countries with developed democratic traditions, numerous specialized watchdog organizations monitor and react to abuses committed by social institutions. In Central and Eastern Europe such initiatives are gradually developed by the civil society organizations. The starting point to organize such event is the identification that the lack of experience and insufficient level of knowledge and skills make the fundamental barriers to the development of watchdog organizations in CEE countries. This is why the applicant wants to create the opportunity of common meeting of those who persistently develop their level of expertise in this area. Second, the applicant wants to see to what extent such activities are dependant on the legal regulation existing in a given country. Third, the applicant plans to find out what is the situation and experience in the Central and Eastern European countries and how they can use the Western experience. Therefore, the goal of the seminar is to gather the organizations committed to watch dogging in several fields, to create opportunity for peer learning and to identify which solutions helping in development of civic watch are worth promoting in participants’ own countries. We hope that the seminar will be a begging of better cooperation and becomes a platform for international informational network. The Applicant will also invite experts from abroad, watchdogs from CEE countries and specialized journalists.

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