Grant NumberCBI_2009_04
TypeCross Border Initiative
OrganizationInstitute of Political Science, University of Opole
Project NameInternational conference: “Central Europe – Two Decades Later”
Amount AwardedUSD 25,500.00
Grant PeriodSeptember 01, 2009 - March 31, 2010
Project Description

The goal of the project is to stimulate cross-border, high quality debate to mark the 20th anniversary of the fall of Communism – reflecting on the transformation of the Central European countries and generating a more comprehensive picture of the changes in societies across the region. Aiming to explain the effects of the 1989 revolutions and the subsequent transformations, only a multi-disciplinary approach can capture the variety of experiences, difficulties and obstacles to re-constituting democratic politics. The initiative will look back at the varied course of individual countries and try to understand the processes of change as Central Europe re-claimed its European societal and political tradition. Four aspects of pivotal importance will serve as the main themes of the discussion: 1. Rebuilding society 2. Rebuilding political institutions 3. Democracy – meaning and practice in Central Europe 4. Comparative analysis of Central European transformations The closed format international conference Twenty years after – Central Europe in 2009, is to be organized in November 2009 at the European Conference Centre of Kamień Śląski Castle, Poland. It will gather high-profile scholars from across Europe, bringing together experts from political science, sociology and philosophy, in particular those specialized in the democratization after 1989 and engaged in empirical research on Central Europe. Participants will be invited to contribute to a rare cross-disciplinary debate on the path of Central Europe towards democracy, with the aim of influencing the wider public discussion through media coverage. Direct outcome of the debate will be a publication in English, including presented papers, published by a respectable publisher after the conference in 2010.

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