Grant NumberCBI_2009_05
TypeCross Border Initiative
CountryCzech Republic
OrganizationPartnerství, o.p.s.
Project NameEurope of engaged citizens - international conference
Amount AwardedUSD 25,000.00
Grant PeriodFebruary 15, 2009 - June 15, 2009
Project Description

This European conference introduces and compares the most successful blueprints for sustainability of the not-for-profit sector in EU member states. It is being organized within the framework of the Czech EU Presidency under the auspices of political leaders of the Czech Republic and of the EU Commissionaire Margot Wallström. It will take place in Brno on 4th and 5th of May 2009. For the future of Europe, to ensure its competitiveness, quality of life, and to continuously improve the standard of living it is important not only to remove barriers to free movement of people, services, goods and capital. We need an open, socially coherent society of responsible and pro-active citizens, who do not rely only on paternalistic state structures, but instead organise themselves in order to solve social and other public benefit needs in areas where the government does not reach or it does not do it in effective way. The aims of the conference are: - Use the opportunity of the Czech Presidency and introduce most successful tools proven in the EU countries as strategic sources for sustainable financing of the non for profit sector and its complementary role in the development of Europe’s democracy. - Compare advantages and feasibility of the major tools in the broader context of the EU and USA - Prepare recommendation for the EU Commission, as well as for the national governments to implement best available models on their levels. - For the Czech environment: expose Czech policy makers and social partners to most successful tools proven in other EU countries and make them available for the Czech legislative reforms. CEE Trust is organizing one of the panels of the conference concentrating on privatization models for the NGO endowments and role of the European foundations for sustainability of the NGO sector in Europe.

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