Grant NumberCBI_2009_10
TypeCross Border Initiative
OrganizationMental Disability Advocacy Center (MDAC
Project NameStrategic Litigation and Legal Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities in Three Central European Countries
Amount AwardedUSD 199,320.00
Grant PeriodMay 01, 2009 - April 30, 2011
Project Description

The goal of the project is better human rights protection for people with disabilities in Hungary, Czech Republic and Bulgaria. In order to achieve this goal, this project will: 1. To secure judgments by domestic courts and the European Court of Human Rights which challenge laws and practices violating the rights of persons with disabilities. 2. Advocate and lobby for legislative and policy reform in the disability field. 3. Provide evidence of effective use of international human rights law to effectuate social change. 4. Strengthen international human rights mechanisms. More specifically, the solutions in terms of legislative reforms can be grouped within MDAC’s strategic goals: A: People with intellectual or mental health disabilities enjoy, and have assistance in exercising legal capacity on an equal basis with others. B: People with intellectual or mental health disabilities enjoy the right to live in the community. Institutions are open to public scrutiny, and people are provided with safeguards when detained. C: People with intellectual or mental health disabilities enjoy physical and mental integrity.

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