BG_X 2008_17

Grant NumberBG_X 2008_17
TypeIn-Country Grant
OrganizationNew Culture Foundation - Sofia
Project Name1989 – Mapping the Northwest
Amount AwardedUSD 47,000.00
Grant PeriodMarch 20, 2009 - December 20, 2009
Project Description

This project is to address this asymmetry in perception and the way it affects at least three generations – our parents, us and the next generations born after 1989. The main goal of this project is students from Northwest Bulgaria to map 4 North-western cities by finding and remaking signs of memories of 1989 (the recent past) in those cities and thus to discover 1989 as an interesting topic that is worth to be explored and learnt. We will involve the young people in this creative process, in discussions and debates with well-known writers, artists, journalists, introduce them to different approaches on history and memory, and finally, make them work and create with their own language – computers, graffiti etc – to map their own cities. The project will launch also the so important conversation between generations. It will lay down in a real open-air “map”, open-air museum of the signs of 1989 in 4 North-western cities – Vidin, Montana, Vratza and Varshetz.

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