BG_X 2008_95

Grant NumberBG_X 2008_95
TypeIn-Country Grant
OrganizationRiskMonitor Foundation
Project NameOrganized Crime as a Public Policy Issue
Amount AwardedUSD 195,000.00
Grant PeriodApril 20, 2009 - April 20, 2012
Project Description

The project addresses the issue of organized crime in Bulgaria and its implications of high level political corruption. It was expected that this phenomenon would disappear once the social and economic transformations were completed but it proved to be a long persisting problem in the country. It has even penetrated the sphere of national political institutions thus being subject of severe critics from the European Commission. The public institutions are not prepared to solve the problem as they react slowly or do not operate with modern methods and lack public support. On the other hand, the citizens have no real understanding of the nature of this phenomenon and thus cannot undertake the necessary civil actions. The expertise provided by other policy institutes or organizations is not sufficient for an effective counteraction.

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