Grant NumberRO_2009_01
TypeIn-Country Grant
OrganizationEnvironmental Partnership Foundation
Project NameNational Program for the Development of Community Foundations in Romania
Amount AwardedUSD 500,000.00
Grant PeriodAugust 01, 2009 - October 31, 2012
Project Description

Ten Year Program Goal: By 2018 there will be a growing and dynamic community foundations movement with 14-16 successful foundations and interest from 3-5 other communities. 2009-2012 Program Goal: The goal of the project is to facilitate the creation and development of new community foundations and to strengthen the existing 2 community foundations. 2009-1012 Objectives • Build knowledge about community foundations, attract the national program supporters. • Promote the community foundations concept and the support program in 12-15 communities. • Identify local interest and leaders in 8-12 communities and support them in learning more about community foundations. • Support the initiative groups to turn into independent community foundations in 4-6 communities. • Strengthen the 2 existing community foundations through a combination of technical and financial support appropriate to their age, resources and needs.
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