BG_X 2008_139

Grant NumberBG_X 2008_139
TypeIn-Country Grant
OrganizationNational Movement Friends of the Earth (NM FoE)
Project NameCivil Contribution to Establishing of Effective and Transparent Food Monitoring System in Bulgaria
Amount AwardedUSD 31,607.00
Grant PeriodMay 01, 2009 - May 31, 2010
Project Description

a) Context EU citizens’ top concern associated with food risk and safety is pesticide residues in fruit and vegetables. Pesticides predominantly enter human body trough food chain. In its recently implemented projects NM FoE identified a lot of missing elements of an effective pesticides policy in Bulgaria. The lack of transparency and public access to information about pesticides residues in food is most worrying. No information is available about the existence (or not) of a National monitoring program; Who exactly is responsible for it; Which products are tested annually; What are the results and how authorities use them for policy change. b) Goal and objectives The project aims at raising the public awareness and understanding of critical issues about the food safety. Its ultimate goal is to provoke the authorities to create an effective monitoring system on food in Bulgaria. The objectives are: 1. To provide sufficient key information about safety of food, concerning toxic chemicals residue, such as: • The link between chronic low-dose exposure and risks to human health, safety limits, most risky food items, vulnerable groups like children and unborn, etc. • The gaps in national policy, legislation and its implementation, responsibilities of authorities, risk control and communication, etc. 2. To promote effectiveness and transparency in food safety mechanism in Bulgaria, generating public debate on pesticide monitoring system, and provoking pressure on public institutions and decision makers from media, groups and individuals.

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