BG_X 2008_153

Grant NumberBG_X 2008_153
TypeIn-Country Grant
OrganizationInstitute for Contemporary Digital Archives (ICDA)
Project NameConstructing a Civil Archive of Bulgarian Transition
Amount AwardedUSD 44,526.00
Grant PeriodMay 10, 2009 - May 10, 2010
Project Description

a) Context Bulgarian accession into the European Union, at least formally, has put an end to one of the most dynamic and interesting periods in the country’s modern history. Within less than two decades Bulgaria passed through the mill of a fundamental transition from a totalitarian to a democratic society. Due to the high intensity of the political, economic and social developments and the very limited time span, during which they were accomplished, there is a serious risk that many of these important changes would not be properly documented. The EU membership radically alters the situation and many of the civil society organizations may not be able to adapt and survive. b) Goal and objectives The project is aimed at establishing an independent online Civil Archive of NGO/CSOs in Bulgaria (NGOs as well as grass-root institutions) during the Transition period with a special focus on guaranteeing transparency and on documenting key developments in the NGO/CSOs sector. The objectives are: 1. to develop methods for online digital archiving through accumulation and analysis of data; 2. to overcome the lack of transparency and institutional memory by systematically producing more visibility and knowledge for the civil society activities in the public sphere; 3. to broaden the understanding of the diagnosed problems through the initiation of public discussions, expert analyses and presentations; 4. to establish a solid institutional basis for long-lasting independent digital archiving by achieving public recognition for the ICDA.

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