PL_X 2008_78

Grant NumberPL_X 2008_78
TypeIn-Country Grant
OrganizationAssociation of Leaders of Local Civic Groups
Project NameCivic Money – Participation in Budgeting on the Local Level
Amount AwardedUSD 99,500.00
Grant PeriodMay 01, 2009 - April 30, 2011
Project Description

The project aims to promote and develop citizens’ participation in the process of creating a communal budget and to increase the level of training for institutions of authorities and citizens by implementing the Solecki Fund. Through the project the grantee will: - work out the model solutions for the process of creating a communal budget that includes citizens; - help authorities to prepare such conditions that foster civic participation in budgeting; - increase citizens’ competence to participate and have an influence on decision making processes; - enforce the Solecki Fund as a tool that supports achieving gains from participation – i.e. social integrity, citizen and economical education, and inhabitant’s sense of having the influence on the common situation.
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