HU_X 2008_40

Grant NumberHU_X 2008_40
TypeIn-Country Grant
OrganizationNESsT Europa
Project NamePrivate equity shares - an unique mechanism for unlocking the new philanthropic resources from private investors and creating a sustainable funding source for social enterprises in Hungary
Amount AwardedUSD 98,500.00
Grant PeriodJune 01, 2009 - May 31, 2011
Project Description

In 2009-2010, NESsT intends to develop, pilot and promote an unique new Private Equity Shares mechanism to make philanthropic giving easier/more effective for the private equity (PE) industry. The idea goes beyond traditional charitable giving by integrating philanthropy into core investment transactions of private equity firms with the potential to capture .01% of private equity transactions. NESsT aims to build upon the current Private Equity Shares program (born at the 2007 Social Enterprise Symposium supported by the Trust) and to institutionalize the program into a more sustainable mechanism, perhaps resulting in a Private Equity Shares “Fund,” the first of its kind dedicated to supporting social enterprises in Hungary. This model also has the potential for replication across CEE as the PE industry, deal size and fund size all grow in the region.
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