Grant NumberRO_2007_04
TypeIn-Country Grant
OrganizationCivil Society Development Foundation (CSDF)
Project NameRomanian NGO directory
Amount AwardedUSD 307,000.00
Grant PeriodDecember 01, 2007 - May 31, 2010
Project Description

Goal: to raise the profile and promoting the values of the NGO sector as important actors in the economic, social and cultural Romanian environment and has the following objectives: 1. Create a NGO data base that will provide accurate and up-to-date structured information on the Romanian NGO sector; 2. Promote the NGO sector as key player in the Romanian socio-economic life; 3. Identify changes and trends in the NGO sector. Activities: 1. Elaborating the research final methodology; 2. Creating the online directory; 3. Gathering the data; 4. Conducting awareness campaign for online directory; 5. Assessing the state of the NGO sector; 6. Carrying out sectorial analysis; 7. Organizing National Conference that will focus on debating the results of the research reports and drafting a resolution regarding strategies for the further development and consolidation of the NGO sector.
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