Grant NumberBG_2009_07
TypeIn-Country Grant
OrganizationCivil Media Foundation
Project NameRe:TV “The NGO Discovery Project”
Amount AwardedUSD 45,752.00
Grant PeriodSeptember 07, 2009 - June 07, 2010
Project Description

a) Goal and objectives The proposed project aims at popularizing the effect of the third sector work in Bulgaria: introducing active peoples, good causes, social services, communities’ initiatives, real actions against the corruption, etc. The applicant’s goal is to establish a good public image of the NGOs and civic movements and initiatives through presenting their activities as a part of the news and events broadcasted regularly. The objectives are: 1. To popularize the activity of quality non-governmental organizations in Bulgaria 2. To inform of the initiatives of civil organizations, to show the people behind them and their activity towards the other people 3. To engage and mobilize the viewers to join and support such initiatives and organizations 4. To put an emphasis on the usefulness and the results of NGOs; 5. To achieve a change in the attitude and thought of the people regarding the third sector activities. 6. To render assistance for the distribution of the already acquired and successful experience in the field of the non-governmental sector. 7. To broaden the range of the offered social, cultural, educational and other services. b) Activities 1. Determination of the total time in the program schedule, during which the issues of the civil sector will be discussed; 2. Determination of topics and interlocutors; 3. Preparation of a program for participation of the interlocutors; 4. Preparation of announcement materials; 5. Information campaign for popularization of the initiative; 6. Preparation of reportages; 7. Leading of discussions; 8. Seeking for opinions of specialists in NGOs on key and current topics.

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