Grant NumberPL_2010_03
TypeIn-Country Grant
OrganizationThe Unit for Social Innovation and Research Shipyard
Amount AwardedUSD 90,000.00
Grant PeriodJune 01, 2010 - December 31, 2010
Project Description

The essence of the project will be development of a new (in Polish environment) way of looking for solutions to real problems in the area of public policy. Development of such model will happen through a series of experimental actions focused on creation or optimizing of a way of providing of a given type of service or solving of a given problem in the area of public policy implementation. Such actions would have a form of a structured several month-long process, the central part of which being a two day-long workshop session engaging representatives of various circles which would culminate in providing of a potentially most specific product selected by the participants. This laboratory of its kind would base on specific principles of the school of collective problem solving.
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