Grant NumberPL_2010_07
TypeIn-Country Grant
OrganizationLegal Clinics Foundation
Project NameDevelopment of the Centrum Pro Bono
Amount AwardedUSD 32,770.00
Grant PeriodOctober 01, 2010 - November 30, 2011
Project Description

Centrum Pro Bono primary activity is to provide non-profit organizations access to free of charge legal aid offered by law firms. Cooperating on a permanent basis with 36 law firms, Centrum Pro Bono has helped more than 120 NGOs during its two-year existence. Their feedback says that they plan to contact Centrum Pro Bono in the future with other legal matters. It is important to note that they gradually submit more complex legal questions which should be seen as a sign of a raising legal awareness within the NGOs management. This process can be a direct result of the cooperation with lawyers. Centrum’s objectives for the next two years include: • Further development of pro bono commitment of the Polish law firms and individual lawyers. • Providing Polish non-profit sector with professional legal assistance. • Providing legal aid to non-profit organizations in at least 60 new cases, • Maintaining relationships with local branches of Centrum Pro Bono in Krakow and Wrocław and opening new local centre in Gdańsk, • Raising awareness of pro bono work and its importance among all the participants of the legal services market i.e. lawyers, management of law firms, commercial clients of law firms and media people
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