BG_X 2009_80

Grant NumberBG_X 2009_80
TypeIn-Country Grant
Organization"14th January" Foundation
Project NameCivil Initiative for Hypocrisy Eradication
Amount AwardedUSD 38,004.00
Grant PeriodMay 20, 2010 - May 20, 2011
Project Description

The project aims at lowering the level of hypocrisy in the society, shortening the distance between the society and its public representatives, increasing the level of trust and facilitating the feedback in the political process. The specific objectives are: To create a web portal with publicly available information, where anyone can contribute and evaluate publicly made statements and promises by public figures in Bulgaria. • To make the project an attractive, respectable and often cited reliable source of objective information and establish it as an influential media factor in the following elections in Bulgaria; • To serve as an accessible database for citizens, media, research and educational institutions, for bringing as much as possible transparency and accountability of local and state institutions • To establish a vibrant online community, centered around and contributing to the project

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