Grant NumberBG_2010_02
TypeIn-Country Grant
OrganizationSdrujenie Gorichka
Project NameGorichka Media and Events: Sustainable Future (Fostering Sustainable Behavior)
Amount AwardedUSD 46,970.00
Grant PeriodSeptember 01, 2010 - September 01, 2011
Project Description

The projects' goal is to create a working networking environment for people to seek innovative solutions to intractable problems, share wisdom, celebrate positive outcomes and motivate each other through leadership and citizen action. In addition to this networking opportunity, the applicant would like to generate adequate and practical online content on the subject of sustainability to catalyze effective transition in public opinion and mindset. The broader goal will be achieved by covering four different topics in one-day events: parenting, food and nutrition, sustainable home, and business ideas. In addition to these events, the applicant plans bi-weekly blog research entries that will support our goal with relevant, sophisticated, easy-to-grasp information, advice, know how, case studies, etc. These four are essential to the modern person everyday life and have direct and indirect impact on moving towards a more sustainable future and changing behavioral patterns.

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