Grant NumberBG_2010_03
TypeIn-Country Grant
OrganizationBTC ProMedia Foundation
Project NameDeveloping the Infrastructure for Improved and Sustainable Media-NGO Relations
Amount AwardedUSD 90,300.00
Grant PeriodSeptember 01, 2010 - September 01, 2011
Project Description

The current project will work with both sides in the complicated relationship between the media and the NGO’s and will concentrate on the creation of a functioning and sustainable model for its improvement. A core group of “civil society speakers” will be trained and promoted before the media with the task to better express the views and present the values of civil society to the public. A core group of key editors and beat reporters will be introduced to the media value of NGO’s and their speakers as opportunities for creation of attractive and reliable media content. A model of mutual trust and benefit will be piloted through the creation of the first multi-media series in Bulgaria, which will focus on positive examples of citizen activism and NGO involvement. The main goal will be achieved through 3 stages: Stage One: Selection and training of “civic society speakers” in a consultative process with key representatives of the NGO sector Stage Two: Creation, promotion and distribution of a multi-media series “The Top 10 Good Deeds of Bulgaria”, dedicated to positive examples of citizen involvement and NGO achievement Stage Three: Creating and activating a model for sustainable professional cooperation between the civil society speakers and the selected key media leaders.

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