Grant NumberBG_2010_09
TypeIn-Country Grant
OrganizationBulgarian Sociological Association
Project NameEveryday Citizenship: Practices and Strategies for Stimulating Civil Society in Bulgaria Today
Amount AwardedUSD 42,430.00
Grant PeriodJanuary 01, 2011 - January 01, 2012
Project Description

The project aims at identifying the new forms of civic engagement lying outside and apart from institutionalized public power channels and to show their potential, and at creating conditions for the expression and expansion of this potential. The specific objectives are: • publicizing the practices of informal civic mobilization • attracting the attention of government and judiciary authorities to various obstacles and shortcomings (organizational, institutional, judicial) that “ordinary” civic mobilization are making visible. • throwing a bridge between established actors in the civic sector and participants in spontaneous civic mobilizations, thereby overcoming low trust between people and in institutions, the feeble or missing capacity for self-organization of individuals, ever waiting for outside, foreign assistance or the support of powerful individuals.

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