Grant NumberBG_2011_08
TypeIn-Country Grant
OrganizationInstitute for Public Environment Development
Project NameProgram for development and sustainability of the main mission priorities of the Institute for Public Environment Development
Amount AwardedUSD 76,500.00
Grant PeriodJuly 01, 2011 - October 01, 2012
Project Description


The goal of the project is to establish the IPED as an influential independent policy center, that promotes the high standards of openness, democratic accountability and integrity in government, politics and the judicial system in Bulgaria and conducts critical monitoring and watchdog activities over the Government and the Parliament; creates alternative discourses; suppresses the unrealistic promises and demagogic populist rhetoric and advocate of preferred policy alternatives.

  • The specific objectives are:
  • To reinforce the programmatic development of IPED
  • To work out a new advocacy strategy
  • To implement a new HR strategy



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