Grant NumberPL_2011_10
TypeIn-Country Grant
OrganizationSchool of Leaders Association
Project Name19th School for Leaders of Civil Society
Amount AwardedUSD 4,388.00
Grant PeriodJune 15, 2011 - December 31, 2011
Project Description

The main goal of the School is to increase the citizen's participation in the process of making changes within their local communities and to build the social capital through the more effective, strategic and engaging activities of male and female public leaders, social organizations and organizations related to the sector.

The objectives are:

  • Mobilize and include citizens into the activities for their communities through the increased impact of 30 male and female leaders of civil society. 
  • Change attitudes and style of activities performed by the participants of the School so that the important actors of social life are included and the citizens are engaged to be more active.
  • Professionalize and increase the effectiveness of activities performed by the 30 male and female leaders of civil society in Poland through the development of knowledge and skills necessary to reinforce their representative roles, to get in touch with the local actors of social life (organizations, institutions, firms), to create partnerships.
  • Increase the level of knowledge among the leaders with regard to the three sectors - public, private and NGO and their importance for the state, their roles and possibilities of cooperation. Intersectoral cooperation between the participants.
  • Increase women's participation in the process of governing and taking decisions which are important from the point of view of a local community.
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