Grant NumberCZ_2011_09
TypeIn-Country Grant
CountryCzech Republic
OrganizationHnutí DUHA (Friends of the Earth – Czech Republic)
Project NameBig Challenge: clean economy, smart energy, active people
Amount AwardedUSD 65,400.00
Grant PeriodAugust 01, 2011 - August 01, 2012
Project Description

The long term goal of the project is the introduction (by mid-2013) of a new national climate change law (a Climate Change Bill) that will ensure binding annual CO2 cuts

The objectives are:

  • to stimulate public and political debate concerning the idea of the law on reduction of GHGs (Climate Change Bill);
  • to gain support from the public, local authorities, trade unions, business and politicians for discussions on reducing emissions, and thus, to strengthen the engagement of Czech citizens in the decision making process at various levels.
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