Grant NumberCBI_2011_01
TypeCross Border Initiative
OrganizationThe Association for Non-Governmental Initiatives Forum
Project Name6th National Forum of Non-Governmental Initiatives
Amount AwardedUSD 48,000.00
Grant PeriodAugust 01, 2011 - December 31, 2011
Project Description

The main objective of the 6th National Forum of Non-Governmental Initiatives is to strengthen the potential of NGOs and individuals working for them by providing them with an opportunity to participate in a meeting of an educational, integration and cross-linking nature.

The objectives are:

to strengthen the organizations through:

  • improving their knowledge;
  • integrating the NGOs;
  • bringing their activists together and enable them to discuss the issues that are important for them.

to give an opportunity for a dialogue, exchange of experiences and reflections on the development of civil society as well as the place and role that conscious and willing to engage citizens should play in such a society.

to demonstrate achievements and wide diversity of non-governmental organizations as well as citizens involved in their activities:

  • to the Polish Forum participants;
  • to foreign participants, formally invited or joining on their own will;
  • by the open formula of the Civic Week: to the residents of Warsaw;
  • to the general public in Poland through cooperation wil national media.
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