Grant NumberFP_2011_14
OrganizationAssociation 61
Project NameIndividual fellowship grant
Amount AwardedUSD 8,000.00
Grant PeriodDecember 01, 2011 - March 31, 2012
Project Description

The Polish parliamentary election was held in autumn 2011 and 560 new representatives were chosen. The 2 researchers within the Association 61 will collect, check and track data on old and new MP’s, basing on a variety of cross-checked sources. On the basis of this database, Association 61 will be able to prepare information to be presented in four ways:

  • questionnaires available on a web page;
  • elaborations and reports based on information on Members of Parliament;
  • MPs’ debates as a form of direct presentation of their views;
  • internet tool for tracking the decision-making process in parliamentary committees.
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