Grant NumberBG_2012_01
TypeIn-Country Grant
OrganizationProInfo Foundation
Project NameRegaining Europe of Citizens
Amount AwardedUSD 80,000.00
Grant PeriodFebruary 01, 2012 - January 31, 2013
Project Description

The goal of the project is to foster the development of an enabling environment for increased citizen participation on the European level from the New Member States from CEE through improved legislative framework and citizen organizations’ capacity and through increased efficiency of the existing civil society infrastructure.

This goal will be achieved through the following objectives:

  • Support the development of European oriented profile of the functioning resource centers in the six NMS (except Bulgaria, where no such Center exists) in terms of resources, experience and knowledge and build synergy among them;
  • Support the launch of the ECSH in Bulgaria as a civic resource center on European matters;
  • Ensure effective participation of the citizens from the seven NMS from CEE in the European Citizens’ Initiatives.


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