Grant NumberCZ_2012_03
TypeIn-Country Grant
CountryCzech Republic
OrganizationSlovak-Czech Women´s Fund
Project NameStrengthening of internal capacities of Slovak-Czech Women´s Fund
Amount AwardedUSD 100,000.00
Grant PeriodFebruary 01, 2012 - January 31, 2013
Project Description

 The goal of the project consists of:

  •  short-term measures : to secure immediately resources to keep the organization running without decreasing drastically the internal structure and activities of the organization;
  • long-term strategy: diversification of the sources and securing “over-the–end-of–the year” reserve.

The project’s objectives are:

  • At stage one: acute remedy of the actual critical situation, raising enough of resources to bridge the period before next installments of multiyear grants come in;
  • At stage two: creation and implementation of a short-term strategy (in the timeframe of one year) to secure 2012 grant-making budget and stabilizing the organization;
  • At stage three: creation and start of implementation of long-term strategy (timeframe of 3 years) to secure longer stability of the organization and its grant-making budget and to prevent repetitive situation at the ends of fiscal years.
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