RO_III 2006_86(43)

Grant NumberRO_III 2006_86(43)
TypeIn-Country Grant
OrganizationOpen Society Foundation Romania
Project NameFrom local solution to public policies
Amount AwardedUSD 115,880.00
Grant PeriodAugust 01, 2006 - October 01, 2007
Project Description

To connect public decision and policy-makers to grass-root process of elaborating patterns for community development within different areas where compact groups of Roma ethnics live and where Roma NGOs are involved in improving their lives.
The specific objectives of the project are, community facilitating to elaborate long-term strategic plans for the integration of "Roma priorities" (identified by national agenda), strengthening capacity of local Roma NGOs (including a grantmaking element), analysis of public policies, elaborating proposals with experts and advocating at central institutions.

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