Grant NumberCZ/2012/09
TypeIn-Country Grant
CountryCzech Republic
OrganizationPro bono aliance
Project NameBuilding capacity and sustainability of Pro bono aliance
Amount AwardedUSD 50,000.00
Grant PeriodOctober 15, 2012 - December 31, 2013
Project Description

The goal of the project is to increase technical and personal capacity, financial sustainability and outreach of the Pro bono aliance to be able to reach its goals effectively and sustain them in long-term.


  • Establishing basic strategic framework for the future of the organization
  • Developing  more effective  internal structure
  • Building personal capacity
  • Increasing PBA outreach to the target groups, especially legal professionals
  • Networking – increased involvement of the PBA network to support PBA goals
  • Building financial sustainability
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