RO_IX 2006_149

Grant NumberRO_IX 2006_149
TypeIn-Country Grant
OrganizationAssociation for Community Relations
Project NameKnowledge for resource mobilization - Trends of Philanthropic Behavior of Business sector and individuals in Romania
Amount AwardedUSD 30,000.00
Grant PeriodMarch 01, 2007 - September 01, 2008
Project Description

The projects aims to:
- develop a study that will describe the a) Size & scope, b) motivations, c) mechanisms of philanthropic behavior at the level of individuals and business sector level;
- widely disseminate the results of the proposed studies to Civil Society Organizations through printed materials and information seminars and secondary to the business sector, media and policy makers;
- develop a series of materials based on the studies that include the main conclusions and data and use this materials as advocacy tools for improving the overall image of the NGO sector in relationship with potential donors (business and individuals) and for improving legislation, especially with regard to fiscal incentives for donations from the individuals.

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