What We Support

What We Support

Please note that the CEE Trust is approaching the end of its grantmaking activity and as of Monday, October 15th 2012, no applications are further accepted.
We do not provide any information on alternative sources of funding.

Due to the cessation of grantmaking, the note below is for information only

The CEE Trust accepts inquiries and applications and awards grants and fellowships on a regular basis throughout the year.

The CEE Trust adopted a more focused approach. As usual we will look for bold ideas, brave positions and strong organizations. More specifically

 we will support:

- initiatives and organizations, which work for important issues and causes but cannot rely or cannot accept support from governments, businesses or large constituencies. We will seek to contribute to the stable development of strategic human rights, watchdog and advocacy organizations and policy institutes with clear public policy agenda.

- organizations, coalitions, groups and networks, which have clear position, stand for it and use different tools to make it happen.

- organizations, which demonstrate willingness and clear plans how to build their support base among citizens and find financial support from different sources;

- ideas how to address consistently and effectively problematic legislation concerning the legal environment, consultative mechanisms and support infrastructure for civil society  organizations;

- projects and long term strategies intended to promote and develop private, corporate and individual giving.


Types of support

A) In-country Programs


The CEE Trust awards grants and fellowships on a regular basis throughout the year. The scope and scale of the CEE Trust grantmaking activity are determined by the size of its budget for the coming years until the end of 2012 as well as the priorities of the CEE Trust in the relevant countries.


Applications for support will be considered case by case. All inquiries should be sent to the respective program director in the forms described in the general application procedures


B) Fellowship opportunities

The CEE Trust provides a limited number of individual fellowships aiming at developing leadership capacities of NGOs and Foundations in the region. Individual support is available for individuals working for non-profit organizations and with demonstrable commitment to continue doing so.

The Fellowship program remains open to all seven countries on equal base. The applicants must submit their motivation letter to respective Program Directors:


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